Saturday, 23 May 2015

Eurovision Satdee

Wonka here.  Here it is again folks out there all probably thinking WE NEVER WIN IT unless you are  #Conchita from #Austria in which case you can shout WE WON IT LAST YEAR!! and here is our little cartoon from last year to celebrate this win.  We loved it!x

There we are!!  and whether Owner moans up or no, WE SHALL GO TO THE BALL!! Mr Norton is in residence with his usual witty nonsense (sorry Graham! we did love Terry you see...he gave us the giggles).  it is also official we are not keen on our very own entry.  it has got on Owner's nerves somewhat (sorry electro thingy) but we are looking forward to hearing Sebastian who is to warble for Australia!!  We love it. x
Final Eurovision para.  Today, after Owner went for her weekly dip (went well, no rudeness she reports.  From her we mean) and then into town.  This was to collect an item she ordered yesterdee and was assured it will be here today.  IT WAS NOT HERE.  Were you rude to the assistant Owner, I questioned up?  A BIT, she declared back BUT, I said sorry. Hmmmm.  Then, does Owner give away her parking ticket as per, and the father and son were dead happy and the father says to Owner WHAT ARE YOU DOING TONIGHT?! which made Owner laugh and I always say this is a good start with Owner.  make her laugh and you might just get there........When she falls back in with some more concrete aka Thomas cat litter, she is cheered up and not in a mood.  Thanks be (my extra new saying.  like it.) BUT there is a fly in the ointment. OH NO, sound of klaxon and small patter on the drums.........
Ruggles has gone for a long walk and is not yet back.  We are on medium Ruggles alert for now. Bertie bubb has been out several times to eat and do you know what in the shared facilities.  I ask you.  Is it fair on me? eh? EH?  To keep Owner's mind off of Ruggles and distract her fully, I am suggesting whipping from Brits Got some talent to the Singing and back again.  it will go on for ever and a day and hopefully the best tune will win out.  Whoever it is.  YES Owner is now fully immersed in the Wars of the Roses and all those dukes and such like with names like Warwick and Salisbury and Neville and that, no wonder she drops off to sleep after two pages!! Now we are right in the middle of a Bank Holidee weekend folks, SO do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x