Sunday, 10 May 2015

Green Sundee

Wonka here.  NO we are not talking politics....much anyway.  When I say green I am talking about OUT BACK.  seeing as it finally stopped 1.  raining or drizzling or mizzling or both.and  2.  the sunnyshine came out 3. I am suggesting anything to take Owner's mind off that horrid sideshow that all are going on about.  Far from being over folks, we think it is just beginning and if Owner has signed one petition she's signed a whole packload of them only breaking off to feed us, us and feed us some more.  I love it.

Green is green for GO and for Gardening!  cartoon to show just how much we love it WHEN IT STOPS RAINING....
There we are!  looking out back and there is Rugglesis huddling in the good kennel just like Baba before him (hankies away folks!).  There is lots to do outside when it does stop......x
Final green para.  Today has swept by in a torrent of gardening folks.  What she spent on, quite frankly a bunch of weeds with flowers on, could have sorted me Bubb and Rugster out for a couple of days of  good feeding not to mention the facilities.  No.  PINKS, Wonka she shouts at me through the good double glazing, so now folks instead of a low range of mottled geraniums that I could nicely see over to spy on the back yard from the sideboard, now I have a bunch of Pinks all peeking at me from a bright turquoise window box.  If I can manage to see round it without jarring my neck, I can just make out half of a bench with a massive green plant pot on it, and at the other end, a multi coloured windmill whizzing round.  No wonder I mouthed through the glass, NO WONDER RUG IS ON THE BLUE BIN!  but she didn't hear me above shovelling that bulb fibre in pots and jamming the next scary weed into it.  CLEMATIS she shouts to me.  Well I'm sure he does whoever Clem is, but seriously folks, if it makes her happy what can I do? eh? EH?
Real finally green para.  small political update on Owner's behalf.  the Greens have one seat in our massive parliament and then VIKIP have another.  Wierdly, says Owner, they won this seat in Clacton and I used to live there.  Well I goes, it saves you moving out, that you're not! so that's 2 seats to challenge Dave's 300 and whatsit. Not to forget nice Nicola who will be riding on down from sconny botland  with her band of sconnies.  We could be in for some fun and games Owners I says up, trying to look on the bright side.  it's hard though when all she can think of is 1. Dave and his outfit 2. being on the scrap heap 3. whether to change her hair colour or not.  See what I have to live with folks? Now tonight if I can drag Owner away from the back yard and all those weeds (she is prone to tinkering.  and the weeds don't like it.  they might look dead and dying but all sorts are happening underneath.  yes) - we will cuddle up to the BAFTA awards so she can shout at the winners if she doesn't agree.  Yes.  Now with Mundee just around the corner, I beg all of you to go steady out there in the Wold good folks, wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x