Thursday, 7 May 2015

Have you voted Thursdee

Wonka here.  YES Owner has been.  How did you go on I says up when she trip traps back in hauling the latest cat concrete aka litter.  Just a little news on that, as I know you are dangling off the edge of your seats about it.  As you recall, the eco friendly wood thingy odour eating VERY expensive one is now off the list, BUT Thomas cat litter is ON IT; Ruggles partakes of this one and yesterdee, when Owner was keeping an eye out, I sped into the ensuite (kitchen) and used his facilities!  and I am giving Thomas cat litter the thumbs up folks!!  anyhow - so how did Owner go on then eh? EH?

Small roll of the drums, then building to a crescendo AND.  yes she goes up sipping a cup of builders tea I have voted for me and proxy voted for aged parent, Mother.  it turns out that at the second polling booth, there were live candidates trotting about outside.  Owner took a few snaps, and when one of them said do you want one with me in it (the VIKIP candidate) Owner goes NO I DO NOT.  End of.  To give the other one his due (for Dave) he said de rien.  When I got in there, she carries on saying to me, there were three women all staring at me and my camera.  Apparently they thought the camera might, by itself take a snap of a ballot paper.  Yes.  You weren't rude were you Owner I goes, nicely, it being a tad close to my tea time.  JUST A BIT she says up.  anyhow, the votes are cast and cast for Mr Ed.  I SHALL PROBABLY LOSE A BUNCH OF FOLLOWERS she moans up, but I said very wisely as per: we don't need so called followers from Dave or old Nick or that other one thank you very much Owner.  We still love Nicola and Natalie and Leanne.  End of. x

Brief interlude and intermission cartoon para.  here it is and you knew it!

There we are!  faced with all those candidates and their policy manifesto things, the vote is cast and we hope for fair and proportional days.  x

Miniscule update on Owner and the agencies.  Today she suddenly came to life and rang them all up.  And told them what for. and chased things up and generally made herself known again.  Good for you Owner I said, full of encouragement and praying for some financial help. Yes I have tossed a coin into the wishing well which is near to the brim with it all now.  Surely our luck will turn? I love it. (the well)x

Final countdown para.  Owner is going on about staying up all night and I says you sound like aged sibling.  He does this all the time and gets told off by Owner.  Are you saying I am a hypocrite Wonka she goes to me, and I must admit I said yes in the barest whisper that she may not have heard above popping upstairs to feed Bertie Bubb.  Rugglestop has been checking on the back yard and it needs checking on.  There is Blackster out there somewhere, Gingertop who I have said to Owner DO NOT ENCOURAGE him.  does she listen eh? EH?  and hang on if there isn't a newby turned up at the gate who is grey all over. (photoshoot tmro good folks).  he or she but prob a he has no name as yet and I have again warned against this. I know.  Tonight we will cuddle up to whatever looks likely to stop Owner from going on a giant worrywart about (list) 1. being on the scrap heap 2. never working again (I says is this anything to cry over?  IS IT?) 3.  being old etc etc.  In the meantime it will be Fridee and that is alright with me.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x