Friday, 1 May 2015

Hi Ho Fridee

Wonka here.   Hi Ho Hi Ho it's NOT off to work you go....does Owner get a shout yesterdee coming right up tight to my teatime (that's how I remember folks. yes) to say (wait for it) 'are you available?' YES goes Owner straight away without any prompting from me folks and then it is 'Can you go to....blahdee blah?' YES she says.  all is arranged and we all sit back down well I do; Owner spent (wasted) half a good hour preparing ahead with school bags, lunch snacks, outfit, I tell you folks I did shout STOP a couple of times but she may not have heard me above the steam engine coming up to the boil and then.............BBBRRNNGGGG and blow me down all the stairs if it isn't the poor agency ringing her up to say she is not needed now.  How do they make that out Owner I said, trying to smooth the way and avoid a possible zero happiness setting?  It was a long story, she reported up, that included a lot of well this happened and then that happened and now that means you are not happening.  End of.  Will she ever find work again?  eh? EH? I hope so folks and so does she. x

Fresh Hi Ho para including a cartoon offering.  You have heard me going on about those pesky Vikings and the chance of one of them standing in this poor election.  I have been ready to glare at them through the double glazing the minute one of them sets foot in our miniscule (how I love that word) front garden and bangs on the door with his axe thingy:

There we are!  What is VIKIP? that's what Owner would say if she came face to face with a VIKING INDEPENDENCE PARTY candidate. (I need a lie down after that sentence!) and they would give tow tons of flannel about (list) 1.  Their strong navigating skills 2.  Team building 3.  ~Ability to capture and enslave Karls 4. guarantee to look big blonde and beauty..  To crown it all off they would brag about how they all turned up here a few hundred years back and built this and that, made friends with whoever was daft enough to still be here, and form trading ventures and such like.  I'm sorry Owner would say, but I'm not convinced by your policies or your helmet and my vote is going to........... I love it. x
Small in fact tiny political update.  Last night and only because there was the usual DE RIEN on, we had no option following a darker then usual Enders (Max in his underwear. yes) to watch Dave, Mr Ed and Old Nick all drum on about what they will do if they win A MAJORITY.  All the info is, no one is going to do this.  End of.
Final Hi Ho para.  The seven dwarves who sang that song you all now have on the brain folks, all trundled off to the mine with their picks and shovels and Owner does recall one of them with a diamond in his eye that made her laugh when she first saw it.  Of course our new song now is guess what?  NO that is not it.  It is We're busy doing nothing, working the whole day through!' I say take a leaf out of my book and relaxevous.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH!
Ruggles is on his fave top step with all that lovely fresh air blowing in, plus, the upside to this (for me) is that gingertop could not get by him to steal our food.  Bertie bubb has resumed position in the land of wardrobe (nothing to do with me) leaving me, with the entire run of the house to play with, barring monsters and Vikings that is.  Now tonight, we must have a rest from the snooker (our fave Stu Bingham in the lead) and cling onto back to back soaps.  Kev is still under the spell of thingy who has more or less taken over his son Jack without his noticing. No.  As for Enders, Shazzer has expressed a small worrywart about her chimneysweep son being influenced by mean evil and bullying Fil.  When will they learn?  We are on the brink of a bank holidee weekend here in our tiny island SO do go steady out there in the Wold good folks, wherever you are in it and whether you have a holidee or no.  Big Love Wonka x