Sunday, 24 May 2015

Lazee Sundee

Wonka here.  What Ho Folks all out there reading the Sundee papers, watching a load of all tripe on the telly (sorry Tripe!) OR doing my fave thing of all and that's zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH!  we love it.x

Fresh incredibly lazee para.  Has Owner picked up and got on with things you all whisper up?  NOT A BIT OF IT.  Aside from grabbing Bertie bubb out of his best Narnia cupboard lair to give him a wash and brush up (I thought the cat police would be round to see what the fuss was about.) and a quick dash to the maze like supermarket that is top of her I HATE THAT SHOP list - aside from these short burst of activity, there is de rien to report up.  EXCEPT we have two new films after careful inspection (with her glasses on)..  there will be a report and a star rating as per. x

zzzzzzzzzzz OH para.  Ruggles did come home last night after causing Owner A LOT of anxiety and soul searching (why did I let him out, where has he gone he never goes far, was he listening to our holidee plans and arrangement so on and so forth.)  all these deep questions are for NAUGHT because he trips traps home as if it was all a dream. THEN he is treated like the prodigal son and me?  thanks for asking, good as gold me all day long and not a thank you for it.  (sorry Owner! I forgot myself!x).  so here follows a gentle cartoon depicting Ruggles being lazee out back:

There he is! settled on the towels and covers on the good bench out back, with the plants and the washing on the line to keep him company. He's a lad.  I quite like him. x
Political update: we haven't said anything much lately but here it comes.  That old Labourite John Prescott (and this is not our headline it is whisked from The Guardian folks) has 'thrown his weight' behind Andy Pandy who is one of the chaps in the leadership contest. yes.  We still like Yvette and we are, at the minute. throwing our weight behind her.  We love Ed Balls her hubbie and he is not in politics anymore; he lost out to a lightweight (like this new word) lady in blue who looked dead happy but time will tell.  We love it. x
Final naps and siestas rule para.  We watched some of the Eurovision and Sweden won it (hallo Swedes!) with a half decent song.  Owner wanted an early night AND to read her new best book all about the battles of York and Lancaster zzzzzzzzzzz OH! so we missed the bit where our little old Isle came fifth from bottom.  We have caught up with Brits got some talent and it is on all next week PLUS a nightly episode of Corrie with Tracee wreaking (?) her revenge on just about everyone.  We cannot wait.  tonight we may cluster round the new drama all about magic if Owner can stay up that late.  it is Jonathon Strange and somebody else and we love it.  Now do keep your eyes open and go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x