Friday, 15 May 2015

Man down Fridee

Wonka here.  NO it is not Nigel who said he was resigning from VIKIP and going on holidee then saying OH NO I am staying on as your leader after all AND never mind the campaign to topple him NO it is not Nige who is down, but Chuka thingy.  He has stepped down from the race to be our leader of good labour.  HOWCOME you all shout up to me, what has made him pack it in? eh? EH? the horrid and beastly press has folks!!  according, oh! to the press, he feels hounded, his girlfriend feels hounded and worst news (if it is true...) of all, his very very very old grandma feels hounded.   End of.  Who does this leave you all wonder up?  Three women, at least one man and here's who we are now rooting for, for his name alone.  Tristram.  With a name like that he deserves to win it outright.  We love him x (sorry Yvette we thought it was you yesterdee).

Fresh man down para.  Who else is down then?  Has Owner knocked anyone out you all gasp up and say?  Thankfully, she has been fairly good all day, a tiny bit of housework that didn't include the monster, a tiny bit of writing (tick) and sketching (tick) and blow me down if she hasn't got a bit of work lined up for next week.(massive tick)... so Chuka might be out of sorts but Owner is ready to rock!

Man down para and little old cartoon.  Was it only yesterdee that Owner whipped a text off to complain to good Radio 2 about their CONSTANT REPORTING of the recent election and YES it was.  She reckoned (quote) it was skewed (what a word I am in awe of myself) towards the dread Dave and his outfit.  I know.  That's the man we want to see down and out folks! (sorry Dave it is not personal - perhaps that's where Chuka took a wrong turn?? just saying like)

There we are! and there is Owner hammering out a text.  Soon be over................x
Final man down para.  Whatever else you are all doing out there on your bigger Islands and such like do not, ever, never never never, buy or watch or rent a film called: Predestination.  Owner insisted on watching it all the way through even though after ten minutes she goes: THIS IS GETTING ON MY NERVES Wonka.  personally I would have ejected it there and then and chosen a nice one, that Jane Eyre I mean we know the story it is terrific and that Mr Rochester etc and so on....but no! instead I had to put up with Owner moaning up and fidgeting through it.  We still don't know what it was about either.  End of.   in other news we are banning Bertie Bubb from eating my good as it looks, because it does NOT suit his digestive system.  Not.  Now Ruggles, he is like a frisky kitten (according to Owner and I am not disagreeing not today) popping out back and laying on the bin and then popping back in for a snackster.  I did say go easy on those expensive biscuits Owner but she didn't hear me above tipping a load into a saucer for him.  I am letting her off though because she had gone to the trouble of buying me a treat.  Now I don't like it (them. they are these weird miniscule biscuits to sprinkle on your food. NO!) but have a mentioned it?  Not on you nelly!
Later when we are cuddled up to Corrie X 2 and possibly Enders x I only to check that Cat and Alfie really are leaving and taking Staycee with them, I may mention it then. Bertie loves them and so does Rug.  Now the weekend is finally here and not a politician in sight, well maybe a lone one from old Nick's party, so do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x