Monday, 4 May 2015

More Mundee

Wonka here.   That's right folks you guessed it, we are never far from the flat screen in this house and we are even now glued to the FINAL of the wold championship.  so it is MORE snooker and more laying around watching those balls wander into the pockets.  ~We wish Stu Bingham even MORE luck and Owner has popped some coinage into the wishing well just to secure his win.  end of.  We love it. x

More of more para.  Has anything else happened you all shout up from your respective (like it) perches.  And here it is folks.  Owner got up a tad earlier (8am instead of half past) and seemed fairly with it and wanting to do things.  There was no dragging of feet or looking longingly at the settee.  there was even (klaxon sounds off) some supervised access with me and Ruggles, with only a small growling (him) and hissing (me) going on.  THEN, she whisks off, makes herself look like a glamour queen (just to go outside I ask you) and says she is going to the shops!  All this without any prompting from me, or nudging of the three thousand biscuit boxes....I love it. x

More of more cartoon para. And instead of me (I know) we have The NAME!!!

There she is!! Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte, and in full, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.  We love those names, and especially like Diana as that was Will's Mum and she would love the new babe.  Owner reports that if her grandson had been a girl, she would have been a Charlotte too.  We love it. x 
Small update to election thingywotsit.  All are now very hot under their collars and accusing each other of being (list) 1.  out and out liars  2. ready to cuddle up to anyone 3. an out and out traitor 4. unlikely to win their own seat never mind any others. 5. and never going to win a majority in a million years.  End of.
Final more is more para.  I promised some other news folks and you were all wondering up where it went?  IT IS HERE.  When Owner trip trapped back in all happy go lucky (it cannot last) she whisked back in with a huge green bag of......ECO FRIENDLY CAT CONCRETE aka litter.  I tell you folks it had that much information on the side it took us ten mins to read it all.  What I liked was it had pictures (tick) for us felines who night have trub with the small print AND writing, and all of it had Ticks (tick!).  There is nothing or should I say DE RIEN this cat lit cannot do.  it is light!  it is soft!  it is biodegradable (the bin men will love us all over again!) OH HANG ON....and it costs a lot MORE money.  I had to weigh it up, droned Owner, with no pun she says intended, against all the others.  and quite honestly folks it won hands down on being lightweight and not needing a fork lift truck.  No wonder she moaned up, I have slight back ache.x
Real more is more FINAL para.  Our entire bank holidee Mundee has to be managed around snooker start, mid frame intervals, tea time break and final final session.  At some point I expect some tea time.  Bertie is ensconced (love it.) in the land of wardrobe and did come out in the night to use the facilities, and Rugglestop is basking in some unexpected sunny shine out back.  Me?  thanks for asking I am living the life of Reilly and long may it prosper.  If we can cope with flitting back and forth we will update ourselves with Corrie and bonked on the head Nick is to be a Daddy, yes. and never mind Enders and Stacee who is now back in every scene when Cat isn't there.  or both of them.  it is MORE than Owner can stand.  Now the good week beckons even though it starts a day late AND there is a big full moon out there SO do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x