Thursday, 21 May 2015

New Books Thursdee

Wonka here.  Owner spent one of those nights where you can't tell if you are asleep and dreaming or awake and wish you were asleep and dreaming.  yes.  Me?  thanks for asking, well I like to sleep a bit, eat a few biscuits in the nearest trough a bit, go downstairs a bit, and check on Bertie bubb a bit.  By the time all that's gone on, the next thing it the bbbbbrrrnnnggg of the good alarm.  Is it Fridee yet is the refrane and I love it. x

New books para.  Owner has been struggling with a book about......what is it about Owner?  I queried up, I mean she reads at least a page a night so she should know the title by now......I THINK IT IS THE WAR OF THE ROSES she finally comes up with.  she tells me she has been stuck in St Albans with King Henry the nghgmhh th and his knights and armoury and that, with these other knights and Dukes and such like called York and a few others on the other side ALL battling it out with horrid fighting.  Like? I goes up knowing how interested the rest of the Wold might be in hand to hand medieval fighting.  it turns out they are all inside this heavy old armour which cannot save them from arrows or tiny daggers OR blinking great sledgehammer type weapons.  WHO, I says up, IS WINNING? She thinks that York has the upper hand over poor Henry who seemed to go a bit mad, come back to life, only to get pinned to the ground by an arrow and then saved for .....FOR? I had to prompt Owner up as she went into a dream (she did!!!) - saved says Owner to be paraded round the streets of London, like a muppet I mean puppet King.  So you can see good folks out there all maybe rushing to the bookshop for this book that Owner does need to move on reading wise.....x

Here they are para!  Just when you thought it was all over for Owner and she is doomed to re read the same battle scene over and over hearing the cries and screams of the felled knights never mind the horses and the screech of the name of whoever they were on the side of, two new books have arrived.  This is the first one up:
There we are!  and the interesting thing is, it doesn't look like we thought it would! NO, it is all white with a tiny bit of New York down the bottom.  And if it isn't New York, we are sorry.  The Daily Mail calls it 'A total Triumph' and despite that we know we will love it.  And, The Independent (more reliable) calls Marion a 'born storyteller' so there.  Thanks Marion for writing another book, it seems ages. x
New Books ahoy para.  Owner's good hair rescuer aside from giving Owner a beauty hairdo recommended a book.  As we all know, hairdressers know all there is to know, end of.  it was immediately ordered and blow me down does it arrive with Marion's book!! Owner says she can finally say good night to all those battles and brave Kings and that not to mention Margaret the Queen who is a bit of a looker and saddled with a poorly King, no.  What are the odds though, now that Owner has a choice of read, she goes to the bitter end of the wars book? eh? EH? x
Final books galore para.  The sun came out today PLUS it went a tad warmer.  Owner knows this because she went down to North Bay with someone she has met on the revolving circuit that is known as her zero contract.  WE HAD COFFEE AND CAKE says Owner, and, a view of several builders standing around not doing anything.  We all know this is what builders do.  there is a lot of this and then suddenly they all bunch together and put a pane of glass in a massive frame.  Now Bertie bubb is still ensconced (like it) in the Narnia Cupboard and survived being washed and brushed. Nearly.  Ruggles has slept atop the linen basket and basked on the top step only moving when Gingertop sprang into the yard. Owner went for a slumber on my giant nest aka the settee until I gently reminded her it was nigh on teatime. OH!  so a lot of sleeping this afternoon and we do love it! Siestas Are Us! tonight I have already warned Owner is the Soap Awards, so we must cuddle up to that and the storylines that they cough up for us.  We love them.  the weekend is ever nearer good folks so do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.   Big love Wonka x