Thursday, 28 May 2015

New Look New Look

Howdy folks and hallelujah - Owner is figuring out a new format for this diary.  YES I am allowed to be in it, when she has created it.  At the minute, she is favouring a full on cartoon. (catoon??)

So a bit like...............
A bit like our best cartoons with some writing BUT
with me too of course, AND - every now and then PLUS covering something topical and of full on interest to the nation. (what's left of it. end of.)
so I shall still be in charge.  sort of.
And when it is could have one of those daft notification things to let you know!  Me?  I prefer the old klaxon or hand bell even............  We do hope, Owner and me, you will look in on us now and then - Big Love Wonka x