Monday, 25 May 2015

Publishing Mundee

Wonka here.  YES folks, she has only gone and uploaded the new story - without a hitch in sight.  usually, I am poised, POISED to rush upstairs and under the bed folks, the minute I hear Owner say  I THINK I'LL............... but, instead, the thing I had to rush away from was the monster.  why oh why did Owner take it upon herself to clean up on a Bank holidee folks? eh? EH?  But the story folks.....

Small interlude for a good cartoon para:

Publish it yourself if no agent in sight para:  You recall Owner's several attempts to find a nice agent (hallo nice agents!) who might like us enough to say WE LIKE YOU....well until one of them does say that, Owner is busy self-publishing her stories..........and as you know she has told lots of them now.  This latest one (Conversations with Wonka part five) is the 17th story!! and it is on this link:

As per, I am the one keeping Owner on task to use that new and very annoying saying............I love it too. x

Publishing political update.  this good morn Owner took it upon herself to change radio stations.  that was until she found there was not much on offer except squiggly noises...........kguusdyfk,jf like that, bursts of odd music JFGKHFLJ like that OR, an interview with John Prescott who is a Lord now, we think on good radio 4. DID HE SHED ANY LIGHT? I goes up to seems, he had lots to say without saying anything, she reports up.  WE KNOW Labour lost the election, TICK, we know the party need to change TICK, and finally, we know he is throwing his weight behind Andy.  What we really want, goes Owner, is an honest down to earth Politician who makes a stand and stays on it.  End of. x

Final publish it ahoy para.  We are totally muddled as to what day it is now and only just now Owner goes OH IT IS MUNDEE Wonka.  I mean the difference is?...... Gingertop still popped in this morning and Ruggles still popped out.  Bertie Bubb is still in the Narnia cupboard and I am still checking on the whole lot of them.  Tonight, there is so much on, I pray Owner can stay awake to watch it all.  THE LIVE SEMIs for a start off where all those happy go lucky entertaining folk from Brits got packloads of talent show off their stuff to get into the LIVE FINAL...come on! and then it is Corrie.  Really Wonka, goes Owner coming out of her trance (see what I have to live with folks..... sorry Owner!!) we need this every week.  If it means you being happy and laughing Owner, I can only agree.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x  PS Owner has just realised there is a downside to Bank Holidee Mundee OH YES I says full of interest it being bang on my tea time..... THEY HAVE MOVED EGGHEADS so now she has missed her fave quiz show. I rest my paws and everything.x