Friday, 8 May 2015

Resignations Fridee

Wonka here.  Has Owner brightened up yet you all want to know? NOT A BIT OF IT.  We dragged up at the crack of dawn, and after the normal feeding frenzy and changing of the facilities (not the guard!  ho ho. oh alright then.) she had to put the telly on. WOAH.  it was full of doom and gloom for Owner and her votes her proxy votes the postal votes.  End of.  WE are NOT represented Wonka! she shouts to me, and then spent an hour on the phone commiserating (get out!) with daughter.  It turns out that Sconny Botland has been taken over by that nice Nicola ;will she be able to manage all those pesky Scots? you all quite rightly question up and they can be unruly yes, and as for our tiny bit of land, that is ENG land, taken right over by Dave and his outfit.  Pause for breath, thankyou and finally to round it all off, everyone resigned like a pack of cards folding up.  Old Nick said his piece,  Mr VIKIP Farage said his and then (sound of violins left over from old Nick) Mr Ed gets up and does the same. Owner was beside herself. Hankies all round folks. x

Small resigned to it all para.  Did anything brighten up your day Wonka? and thanks folks for worrying about me.  I had a small unsupervised meeting with Ruggles who being fast over atop the linen basket didn't notice.(tick) and Owner was so sad she fell back in from the shops with some real chicken (sorry chick!) and two cream slices.  Have you fallen off the wagon Owner I says to her, but kindly folks not in a rotten way. It won't harm, she tells me, and neither will a large glass of that medicinal red either I goes back.  Anything folks to cheer my best Owner up and not pack us all in the car with no name and escape to Scotland! x

There we are!  Would we all fit in you worry up, what with there being me Bertie Bubb and Ruggles, and several bags and that? I would go on the front seat, end of; Bubbster and Ruggles would make do with the back seat and be wedged in with all Owner's baggage.  We love it. x
Final resigned to being poor and on the scrap heap.  No one wants Owner it seems with or without glowing references.  Luckily the wall to wall dissection of the election put paid to any worries on this side of the worry dial.  We stayed nicely on despair setting but about government not this household.  that folks is laying in wait.  To try and keep Owner clear of this one I have insisted on (list) 1.  the other cream slice 2. More red vino 3. Corrie X 2 and the stray dog that has moved in with Steve - Owner loves a stray dog (I know) and 4.  Enders to completely distract her from our sorry lives right now.  To all of you out there possibly enduring horrid governments and such I say, Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x