Sunday, 17 May 2015

Save it Sundee

Wonka here.  Just a small weather report to cheer you all up good folks possibly laying on a beach in the searing hot sunnyshine, possibly having a paddle to cool yourself down - wearing something light and summery, wriggling those toes in the sand! OH because it is freezing here and we are still (list) 1.  wearing jumpers.  well Owner is, luckily I have my fur to keep me warm, that, and the searing hot rad (I realise I have used that word twice now but I don't care. not a bit of it.) 2. wearing socks, well Owner is and once more I can rely on furry feet.  and paws. 3.  The heating. I daren't dwell on this overmuch because the bill is going to be more than - just more than. Mustn't dwell. 4.  keeping the oven on long after Owner's tea is cooked.   All these add up to a lifestyle that Owner is not earning enough to keep, BUT we are happy ish and warmish.  and I tell you now folks, a cold Owner is an Owner to avoid.  No question.  I love it. x

Save it para.  Who or what is being saved you all gasp up wondering and such like.  Owner is still in a fairly chirpy ( I like it as it sounds bird like. yes) setting and trots upstairs to do a bit of scanning and would you believe it started to write a new story whilst up there.  UNTIL.....I can't believe I just did that Wonka she cries up....naturally I was nearby as I like to keep a close check on all family members, you never know when it might change and I want to be there when it does.... DID WHAT? I said full of sympathy and that it being near enough to snack time.  It turns out good folks, that instead of saving the new page of her new story, she didn't.  Instead she saved something else that didn't need saving.  OH,  I said up, ready to dash downstairs and hide in that dark corner by the giant nest aka settee.  But get this folks, instead of a full on breakdown washed down with tea and chocolate, she simply re wrote it.  yes.  I rather think Wonka, she tells me up, it is better the second time around.  I love it. x

Save it some more para.  Now yesterdee Owner did one of her miracle parks in the space that all other cars were avoiding, swerving away from it when their drivers said WHAT ABOUT THIS SPACE?  and here is our cartoon, of the car with no name, slotted in it.

There we are! snug as you like and still enough room for Owner to come round the side of it. I loved it.x
Small political update in case.  Owner thinks she heard a couple of headlines from the good radio, all yammering on about the EEYEW.  yet another big debate folks and the non leaders of the Labour party are all for having the referendum and GETTING ON WITH IT.  This sounds misleading Wonka, explained Owner to me, and I was listening folks I really was, in between asking for more of those nice biscuits that will make my coat shine -  yes it turns out they want it to happen but they do NOT want to withdraw from the EEYEW. righto! I says up, showing a great deal of understanding as only I know how.  More tomorrow folks , and we did hear a tiny mention of Old nick's party and how they will have to REBUILD IT. I love it. x
Save yourself now and final para.  It has been a gentle sort of a day here with only a couple of glitches and we did love watching the Money Pit for the xnxcvhn th time.  We love Mr Hanks and we love Shelley Long.  End of.  tonight all there is to cling to is a new drama that all are trying hard to explain and sell to us.  It is a magical tale and we will give it a try me and Owner, yes.  And yes do not fear the Bubster is sleeping for ingerland and Ruggles is doing a fair impression on the step.Now the good week is upon us and who knows what it will cough up, eh? eH? So do go steady good folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x.