Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Teddy Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Who is this Teddy you all moan up, and is it like Bagpuss from yesterdee?  YES, Owner has moved from feeling hung up like Bagpuss to the other hanging bear and this is Teddy rucksack............
There we are!  it is Owner's old bag called Teddy rucksack.  he is hanging up now on a cupboard door and although he looks sad.....he is a happy old ted.  Someone, droned Owner, once said to me that his name wasn't very original!  But it's his name!  He bobbed along on Owner's back for many a year until it was time to move on to another bag, and herein lies the moral of this teddybear story folks....it is time for Owner to MOVE ON.  We must set ourselves straight Wonka, she told me, and GET ON WITH IT.  personally, I've always been an upright sort of a cat, and I do have a busy old schedule as you know.  But, I am nothing if not supportive, and I am prepared to work even harder if it cheers Owner on!  I love her. x
Tiny, near on invisible political update.  We have been following a lively cartoon folks in that bigger Isle, called Australia (hallo Aussies!) it is run by a Moon Dog but that didn't put me off.  Moon dog is very funny, near on as witty as me some days, and Owner thinks he would make mincemeat of our sorry old set up.  IF I HEAR DAVE'S NAME one more time she moans up, and flung the radio off.  he is even now putting together a mammoth cabinet or was it a wardrobe, oh no that's Bertie's territory and it contains just about every fruit and nutcase in the party (says Owner, and sorry if you are in it.)  We can look forward to months of rubbish news and Owner shouting at the radio.  End of.
Final teddy bear final para.  Today passed by in a dream with Owner plotting the rest of her life and me getting some well earned zzzzzzzzzzz OH.  Ruggles has had a small sunbathe, and small due to the lack of sunshine folks, and Bertie has set up in the Narnia cupboard as probably it saves him on the stairs.  The plants have all survived so far, the sudden arrival here and the immediate repotting from owner.  Yes. Why?  I questioned up to Owner, are we watching this strange quiz show with a woman asking someone to count snowflakes? John Craven is in it has he been sacked from Countryfile I asked up, and it is called Beat the Brain (sorry if you like it. ) it has a clock thing countdown that makes my heart race and that can't be a good thing.  Now tonight there is Enders and Mick has stomped off in a rage and left thingy at the bottom of the stairs she fell down, ready to have that baby.  Will anyone find her?  Owner says she may watch it.  and then folks it is all eyes on Holbee now that nice chief of the entire hospital is back.  We love him.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x