Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Tough Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Owner says it's time to stop being nice and keep saying yes to everything (?) and instead, say NO, and get tough.  What I said, do you mean tough love Owner?  YES , she says back to me, I do.  personally that is my very raison d'etre (ooh I say, and bonjour any one out there from France and if you're not pardon!) and I practise it daily - on Bubster, and Ruggles when I get a look in.  Does it include, I ventured (haven't said that in yonks) mouthing at fellow drivers, but she was busy putting the shopping away and may not have heard me.  I love it.

Tough para.  it started early doors when the phone went BBBRRRRRNNNGG and instead of agreeing to drive miles in the pouring rain which may have turned to sleet to a school that is bottom of her shall I go to list, she says NO.  I may have to raid the wishing well at this rate folks as how close are we to starvedom and no rescue in sight as yet.  Whilst Owner is busy trusting in the fates and stars (good Russell Grant we do love him) and the occasional strange email from Tara a raging psychic (we cannot get rid of her - we have tried to unsubscribe and it just won't have it. We have grown fond of her over the years though.) I am more practical and like to rely on earnings.  Yes.  sufficient unto the day! shouts Owner as she turns up the heating and ignores the latest email for a real reading.  I rest my paws and everything. x

Tough on meter readings para and cartoon:

There we are!  all roasting hot and it's costing us a fortune - GET EVEN DIE IN DEBT is the latest catchphrase in this house! I love it x
Tough as you like political update.  Ms Cooper who is in the race to be top leader of Ed's old party, is busy making comments like how we need to be more business like or something very like it. (sorry Yvette if that is miles out).  They keep on going on about how people didn't vote for Ed because of this or that or the other.  I reckon it is simply that they all voted for Dave because they are raging right wing nutters!  there I've said it.  (sorry if you are a raging right wing nutter.x)
Final how tough are you para.  We know it is May but it has a feel of April about it, and this is due to rain, sun, more rain, possibly a rainbow in between, going to sleet, bit of wind and then back to the start.  Today is hair rescue day folks and I promise you this, Owner will not know what she wants doing with it.  She only likes it when she looks at old photos years later and is surprised how lovely she looked.  End of.   In Enders last night they found Dotty Dot guilty of manslaughter which just warns you not to confess to anything or be near to anyone who is dying.  They will have you.  Owner says she has been found guilty because she was 'guilty'.  I don't want an explanation of that and neither do you folks.  BUT on the upside, Evil Deano is not little babitty Oliver's daddy, it is Mick, saints be.  Tonight there is more of the same, and who knows if Sheba or a name very like that will finally tell Deano there is a child after all. If we can stand it, there is good Holbee and that nice new CEO who is getting on the wick of the old one.  We love him.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x