Monday, 18 May 2015

Uneasy Mundee

Wonka here.  Home is the hunter home from the hill and Home is the Owner home from the school (Owner says no one reads this old diary anyway so not to worry over misquoting famous poetry.  yes).  the minute she sets foot back home with a sack load of concrete aka litter and not a non essential in sight I knew something was up.  WHAT IS UP OWNER ? I goes... and straight back she says Mercury is in retrograde Wonka.  End of.

Fresh and uneasy para.  so what is all this being uneasy lark, you all wake up and say to me? eh? EH? the other thing Owner reports is (quote.  again) a distinct feeling of something is wrong, I feel uneasy, she says to me.  Personally I never have a minute's worry or anxious moment as I prefer to just get on with things and not make a fuss. BUT with it being a touch too close to tea time to let that uneasy feeling go by unnoticed, I did say to Owner WAS IT ANYTHING IN PARTICULAR? It must have been the school and the exam conditions. she finally comes up with.  It turns out she was pacing up and down for an hour and a half with a load of other pacers to make sure all these year elevens were  doing their exam nicely and not reading a load of answers up their sleeves.  No wonder, I says up, no wonder you are on edge Owner, a whole hour and a half of it.  I mean I bet her whole life flashed by in that time, and that's no good to anyone!  After a builder's tea and a hot cross bun which always taste nicer the minute Easter is out of the way she is back on alrightish setting.  I love it. x

Uneasy but not for long para and cartoon break.  Gingertop has adopted us and that is official folks.  He she or it, pays us a call every day and bounds from the step up to the kitchen ledge just like Mr Beaujangles used to.  We miss him, and having Gingertop there is nice for Owner.

There we are! He she or it perched on the ledge and turned down a bowl of best good as it looks.  Just came to say hello and we love it. x
Final uneasy para.  Will this film never end moans Owner to me.  It is the last of the three films and it has been going on forever. I have fallen asleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH! several times now and each time I wake up it is still on.  Owner doesn't understand it and neither do I.  it says on the side it is 'an instant classic' from the Daily Star..........I did say to Owner that since the election (there I have mentioned it) that the papers specially the easy to read ones, are not to be trusted but she wasn't listening above remembering to turn the taps off over the bath (tick).  So today has gone by in an uneasy fog really and Bertie has joined in by acting out of character and coming downstairs when he could stay upstairs.  Ruggles has defied Mercury going backwards and stayed true to form and I love him.  It could mean weeks of poor communications droned Owner to me, and I did say will I notice the difference but in a tiny whisper from behind the door.
Tonight we are stuck like glue to Enders for a change to hear up (list) 1.  If Dotty Dot is guilty of murdering her evil son Nick and 2.  is Mick the daddy?  and that is enough to keep Owner far from uneasy setting that plus corrie X 2 and more antics from Tracee and her amour who is two timing Liz! Tomorrow must take care of itself and with any luck that film will be over by then (oh alright it is Interstellar and I bet everyone else on the planet loves it but us).  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x