Sunday, 3 May 2015

What's in a name Sundee

Wonka here.  Yes folks out there all half asleep or dozing away OR just getting up, we are all on the edge of our settees waiting to hear the name of our new little Princess.  What do you favour Wonka, questions up Owner to me earlier in the day..... I mean there is so much to chose from, and as you know I share the same first name as her Dad (Willy.yes)...Owner has a middle name Ann, but we've had that one, so I says how about a nice long name...such as? she goes to me....  Victoria Elizabeth Alexandra I says.  I LIKE IT, she says, and me? I love it. x

Fresh and what's in a name para.    There are lots of other names up for grabs like Olivia (no don't like it) and Charlotte (do like it).  If it was left up to us, we would put our paws and crosses against Mr Ed, oh no!  that's the election, and I knew I would get mixed up sooner or later.  Those VIKIPS have stayed away and Owner has only spied one massive placard telling all to vote for them.  Not on your nelly!  she shouted, from the safety of the car with no name.  There is no knowing what kind of underhand tactics those VIKIPS use, but they are armed with terrible pamphlets and false smiley faces.  Owner says we won't need an election update today as nothing has changed.  Isn't that the problem I commented, wisely I thought.  YES, she says.  We love it. x

What's in a name cartoon para:  For today's good cartoon we have the only thing on Owner's mind at present:
There we are!  At last, the final of our fave snooker championship.  It is between our fave Stu Bingham and Shaun Murphy.  Did you notice Owner, I remarked, you missed a P out.  YES, I did.  End of. x
Final nail biting and name missing as yet para. today has wandered on by like bank holiday weekends do.  Owner went missing briefly saying she sposed she would go out and hunt down a paper.  it took three goes folks out there to find it.  I DIDN'T THINK IT WAS THAT POPULAR she told me up when she dragged back in with two tons I mean packs of cat concrete aka litter.  anything else happen up? I asked, nicely I thought, it being close to one of my snack stops. I saw someone I don't like in the supermarket I don't like, she reported.  I rest my paws and everything.  Now in between our snooker fest I am forced to watch Britain may have a blob of talent on good ITV2.  Why? you all shout at me, are you watching it now?  only because Owner had to watch the snooker last night folks, and she is scared she may have missed the latest sensation..... You are more likely, I droned in a tiny whisper from behind the door, to be a sensation yourself Owner, but she didn't hear me above shouting GET OFF YOU ARE RUBBISH at the telly.  I love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks, wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x