Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Windy Old Tuesdee

Wonka here.  We hear now of gale force winds folks, yes, and that is to go with the rain and cool May weather to-date.  Ruggles is even now, perched inside the kennel at the top of the yard keeping an eye out.  WHO FOR? you all shout up.  For whoever it was scrapping in the night.  Owner said OH NO as she lay there toss turn turn toss.  and IS IT GINGERTOP?  My guess for what it's worth and I was the only one to take the trouble to check it out upstairs and down, is Blackster..  Bertie bubb stayed where he was on the pillycase, hissing and growling in case I bothered with him; I didn't.  And Ruggles was safe as safe could be in his ensuite.  Between that and Owner developing (my new word.  am I improving or what? eh? EH?) back ache or pain or a cold or a mystery virus, we spent a fitful night.  End of. x

Fresh and windy para.  Last night we stopped up to see our fave Stu Bingham lift that trophy!  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! was his triumphant chant and only to be expected from this smiley, down to earth, player of the match, chappie.  We loved him.x

Break for a breezy cartoon:  our reaction to the naming of our newest and littlest Princess folks!

There we are!  Listening up as per.  Everyone is saying OH I'M CALLED THAT now it is famous and royal.  We love it. x
Tiny but necessary election run up update.  all are travelling the length and breadth of the country trying to twist our arm I mean vote.  Nicola was nattering away on the Jezzer Vine show on good Radio 2 and she denied strongly (says Owner) that yesterdee's heckling (rioting some say.  yes) was DE RIEN to do with her SNP party.  Our fave comedian Eddie Izzard (for Mr Ed) was there being heckled and we believe him because we love him. End of. x
Final and fizzing para.  It's official Owner is on the scrap heap.  We are hurtling towards starvedom unless any one of her plans take off (Owner prefers 'come to fruition' but I said NOT)Her plans are (list) 1.  ring up the other agency to say why have you not contacted me.  (answer in the question folks) 2.  to register with the other agency, thereby possibly being registered with three agencies (it will come to naught.) 3. Ignore the email offering Owner a chance to sales administrate based on a look at her CV. (there is no sales experience on it anywhere.) 4.  throw a huge coin into the wishing well (I am in favour of this one) 5.  Win a fortune on the Lotto (got to do it first I warned up) and 6. Write a best seller and make millions. (crazy as it seems with my help......x).  In the meantime, and with no snooker in sight, we have managed nicely with the first of three outstanding films.  First up is Exodus and it says (quote).  'A Spectacular Blockbuster'.  We are half a hour in and can tell you folks WE LOVE IT.  it does help that we know the story ish.  Moses and the basket?? eh? eH?
Small breath of fresh air para: Owner recalled going to see the cartoon of the same story (called Owner? Was it something Egypt? she mutters....ggggrrr) near to Christmas it was and falling asleep probably at the parting of the red sea.  (sorry red sea if it wasn't). Now tonight we can also drive ourselves mad with Enders and will Cat ever get to the end of all her sorry storylines and then Holbee with that nice new CEO who is tall and thin and very witty and clever.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it, and especially if, like Owner, you are temporarily on the scrap heap.  Big Love Wonka x