Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Wishful Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Owner is mumbling on about (list) 1.  What you think you might like is often NOT at all what you like. 2.  No wonder people sleep all day 3. No wonder people give up easily 4. back to the start oh and 5. Did all the classic authors and our hero Mr Dickens sit up all night worrying and fussing over commas and full stops??? eh?  EH????? Is punctuation (blimey there's a word) the BEE ALL AND END ALL Wonka? she finishes up on me.  No Owner I says back, quick as a flash, End of.  BLUMMIN great full stop. x

Fresh and wishful para.  What? you all cry up as one has brought this on, we thought it would be a nice diary all about Owner's Dad (in wood carving heaven and it is an anniversary. yes) and it would have been possibly, maybe...perhaps BUT instead Owner was alerted (like it) to a notification (OOOHH) that she had a review............But when she read it, she says she wished they had not bothered AND she hopes thy will not pick on the rest of our books I mean read the rest of our books and comment on them!  But Owner! it was the very first one, when neither you, the laptop, or the waterbowl (?) knew what you were doing.  Surely I followed up, it is better to have a lame and faint review than DE RIEN!  After all, 17 short stories later, she must have improved!  YES I said this from well behind the door folks, because I love her. x

Small wishful cartoon para:
There we are! Soon be over Owner I chirped up! Hold fast for the next one.....x
Final wishful para.  We are soon to take a holidee folks, and have a week or so to build up to it.  Bertie Bubb is booked in at the good vets round the bend I mean corner and goodness knows they'll have their work cut out.  Do they know he is coming? I says to Owner and she reckons it is open surgery and she can just turn up and they can look at Bertie's miniscule lump.  And worm him.  and anything else for good measure.  I am only glad and over the moon it isn't me.  As it is Owner will have to hide the cat prison I mean carrier and wait til Bertie trips out for his breakfast.  Ruggles has been there once, and as you may know was like a caged lion.  yes.  We will give you advance warning of the holidee and how it will pan out (Owner says to say this and I only pray that review hasn't sent her funny with words and grammar and such like.). 
Now tonight we are clinging onto the semi live shows and voting for the underdog - last night this was Cally who burst lots of balloons and set a new Wold record! Then it's Corrie and the big wedding of Steve and thingy.  To round Owner's fun night off, there is the continuing saga of the Wars of the Roses with both sides hacking away at each other until one of them wins. yes.  So do go extra steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x