Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A little bit more about Diva

Wonka here!! just a glimpse for you, of some of the artwork Owner has been scanning ready for the big story itself.  YES, I have given it the once over and I can almost hear Diva woofing with excitement over it.........or was that bad fairie?  Bad fairie can imitate anyone you know, and is rather spot on when she does a 'good fairie' voice. the meantime have a look at this one folks:
Good Fairie arrives as part of Diva's Spell, such a magical delicate spell, woven by fairies and kept in a carved wooden chest locked up with a golden key................ it floated right down to the bottom, shimmering and silky it whispered down and the name glittered like a rainbow, Diva. 
We leave Diva there, at the beginning of the story folks and until next time...Big Love Wonka x