Saturday, 20 June 2015

A little something.....

Wonka here.

Owner has insisted on me writing something.  she says, everyone will want to know how I am (tick), and how Bertie is (alright Tick) and whether Rugglesis is trucking along (yes! Tick!).

Here is Bertie bubb with his new friend a pink thing, that Owner went and bought for an outlandish amount of money at the Vets.  She cannot ignore pink toys. No.

There he is!!  The recluse to end all recluses, it is our very own wardrobe hermit, Bertie bubb!!.  Now you know he is alright (told you) and spoilt rotten.  YES I am still looking at him when I shouldn't. End of. x
We will post some more nice cartoons and sketches soon.  Promise.  AND at least one of them will be me.    And, there will be much more about Diva (woof!) Big Love Wonka x