Sunday, 14 June 2015

All About Diva

Wonka here and very proud to present the second in our new cartoon collaboration: it is to tell you about Diva, our new story, coming in instalments with the first part due July/August time.

She was Owner's real dog, her angel dog and Golly used to live with her! it was Golly who let me in, and up til now (thankyouverymuch) has been my only friend.  Baba sort of liked me, Tinkers did NOT like me, and Bertie Bubb is just a total growling recluse.  Ruggles............the jury is still out as you know folks and we do 'enjoy' some supervised access.  BUT here we are, for your delectations!!

There she is!! and watch out for the very first instalment! 
Big Love Wonka x