Monday, 1 June 2015

By The Seaside Besides The Sea!

Introducing the very first of Wonka's cartoon collaborations, and we owe a debt to a dog.  Yes, this is Moon Dog, who does pretty outstanding cartoons down under, and he has inspired us to try and do him proud but on our little isle on top.

What will become of The Futurist Theatre? It has been a popular theatre, hosting all sorts of entertainment since the turn of the 20th century, down there on South Shore, until now!! Klaxons, drums, and sharp intake of breath...... can it be saved from demolition! Owner has taken an interest folks so watch this space........

It is indeed in the latest Duffel Again story on, with Ken Dodd doing a one nighter there! Owner called it another name BUT it is really and truly The Futurist.  It looks nothing (de Rien) from the outside and when you get in there you have stepped back in time.  There is a massive curtain over the screen and rows of old fashioned tip up seats..What is not to love and like says Owner??
It has its own Facebook page and everything does The Futurist and its fate lies with the council.  will the right bid be taken up?? do you believe in magic?? We do, and the wishing well is onto it!
Until next time, Big Love Wonka x