Thursday, 11 June 2015

Diva is coming!!

Wonka here.  Just to give all you tired and fed up folk out there a klaxon and drum roll warning!!  There is some fun on the horizon...............

Diva is soon to arrive, first up, as a cartoon to wet your appetites!!  and then as a story in three or more parts.

Exciting or what!

and until can almost hear her happy bark!  Yippee!!

This is a sketch Owner did of Diva when she was but a mite, a wee pupster, unusually (says Owner) in repose (like that word a lot.)  We think it was in 1998, maybe.  and needless to say BUT I AM GOING TO SAY IT I love it.  End of. x
Owner says if she has some time to herself and is not over busy seeing to US, she will cough up this cartoon over the weekend.  THANKS Owner!  So, until then, big Love Wonka x