Sunday, 28 June 2015

Diva is developing....

Would you believe it?  YES YOU WOULD.  Owner is still at it, developing Diva AND, there are new characters appearing like Kimmy dog.

Who else? I ventured up, is going to be in this story?? eh? EH?

Yes, there is Kimmywimmy dog and also the fairies......... and believe me those fairies are hard at it without any spare time for posing on sprigs of flowers, or flapping around the lampshades OR turning up on pens and pencils just for your amusement.  They have jobs to do!!  But here is the new thing, that Owner has been developing and such like:
Blow me right down the stairs and back again!!  It turns out that GF, which is good fairie has a pet butterfly..and BF who is bad fairie has a pet slug.  Which she keeps in a matchbox.  You have been busy Owner, I says up, when she showed me the illustration and all.  I KNOW, she goes back to me. I mean, it is bang on tea-time.............x for now then, Big Love Wonka x