Sunday, 26 July 2015

Diva News!

It might be cold and raining and just not summery BUT there is some good news folks - Owner has wrestled and tweaked and pondered and changed it round until FINALLY, it is nearly ready!!

And then, Owner will do it all over again with the second instalment! My Life!  Oh yes, my life..... news about us is, Owner is insisting on less food and more biscuits.  Bertie is the side of a barge and as for you she said.... I mean!  Ruggles is the fittest because he wears himself out trotting around out back.  I have mentioned I might need a new toy and await the result.  Our last bit of news is that Owner has had a mishap with one of her teef.  this has put her on nervous setting with the arrow in danger of bending off the clock.  The nerves are twofold.  (list) 1. Have to beg and plead with the ex dentist to take her back. (she is renowned for sacking perfectly decent professionals for miniscule mistakes. or none.) 2. will it hurt. and 3. the cost of it all (I am even now stroking the credit card and being nice to it.) 
BUT I says up to Owner, look on the bright side (and do keep you mouth closed while you are! only joking!) you have a new story to self publish and that nice publisher (beloved Austin Macauley) is going to publish my Christmas Story!!! I know, she goes back.
On that happy uplifting note I will wish you all good folks - Big Love Wonka x