Wednesday, 22 July 2015

In the meantime............

Owner has insisted on a little offering and here it is:


You will all want to know how I am? yes me Wonka! lucky for you I am sugar dandy.  Bertie Bubb has been sighted on the stairs, and under the table...........before I chased him back to the Land of Wardrobe (stop it Wonka! goes Owner....) and Rugglesis - he is living the dream atop the linen basket OR out back.  YES, I have played paw under the door and looked at him.  As for Owner?? you have heard our news about the publishing contract.......will she come back to earth you all shout up? eh?EH?  folks, you can rely on me for that.  Now, there will be more to tell tomorrow and the day after that, but for now - Big Love Wonka ! X