Thursday, 20 August 2015

Silly Season!!

Hallo hallo hallo (have to say it three times for luck.yes) August is full up with holidays and such like except for me and Owner that is - no sign of any holidays for us............ I mean Owner has been hard at it working-wise (otherwise we would starve) but has also started the second instalment of #Diva!! and guess what? NO, that is not it.... she has also started a new 'Conversations with Wonka!' (yes that is ME!)  And all of this alongside our exciting forthcoming publication of Wonka's Christmas Story, with Austin Macauley publishers.......all to play for folks..

In the meantime I leave you with this fetching photo of Diva's old toys - how she loved them especially the white dolly which used to be shaken and nibbled....reminds me of my catnip fish rather.
There we are! Diva's old dollies - we love them lots.  Until next time when there will be more news about our stories!  Big Love Wonka X