Monday, 21 September 2015

Can we talk about Christmas yet?

On its way, another beauty cartoon collaboration from us!  and this one is all about: Wonka's Christmas Story - the fully illustrated version!
First self-published for Christmas 2013 on
this one will be in the shops!!

Owner has submitted her first proof-read and waits to hear........

You will all have the pleasure of holding this beauty book soon, which is my Christmas Caterol specially for you. x
I tell you, we are all on a knife edge in this house! oh alright, Owner is on a knife thanks for asking.  rested up in the Zen box mainly, and also keeping an eye on things.  yesterday with no warning AT ALL, a black dog that turned out be called Poppy, jived into the back yard through the poor open back door and manged (ATE) all Rugglesis food and biscuits.  Where was Owner in all of this, you all gasp up! upstairs that's where.  What about Ruggles you all gasp! shot off out of it, that's where.  and finally, where was Bertie Bubb, you all gasp! in his Narnia cupboard oblivious to anything (good use of word.x).  so that is just one of the things that I have to keep an eye on.  My tail went to three times its normal size, thereby alerting Owner to the arrival of Poppy. (who departed for home.  just round the back of ours. yes).
so do watch out for the new cartoon coming shortly and this week if I keep Owner on task!!  until then, try and be good.  Big Love Wonka X