Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Birfdee Season is up

It had to happen and it has.............Owner is having another birfdee.  another year Older I says up and you still look A TREAT!! (bordering on snack time folks).  In between having birfdees for her, aged sibling and daughter not to mention her friend who she fell out with (long but interesting story.) she has completed Part Two of #Diva and is ready to pop it on www.smashwords.com.

What today Owner?  IF POSSIBLE she droned back at me.  You have to understand good folks out there all leading good routine normal steady lives, that we, WE, live on the edge.  On the edge of (list) 1.  Bad hair days 2. downright plain ugly days 3. zero hours days 4. all of that plus worrywart days...... BUT despite this, Owner thinks she may manage to do it.  And the minute it is uploaded, I will have a few well-earned zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 

We love you Diva!  We left Part One, with Em and Diva up against it (Cousin) and Good fairy sending for help.......soon to arrive as Gordon, a Glaswegian to the rescue, but someone else is arriving too....
Oooh, that Bad fairy!  in the Spell..... so settle back everyone and enjoy the next part of  the Story of Diva.. which according to beloved Owner is now uploaded and is the 19th in the #Wonkastories series!!!  big love X