Sunday, 27 September 2015

Wonka's Christmas Story - illustrated version!!

Here we are! Owner has had a last minute fit of nerves, saying what if this and what if that?? shfgsksk!!! I said back to her!  Just pop that cartoon on here telling folks all about it..........

Yes! That is me first, to tell you the tale, my Christmas Caterol, and then there is the sighting at the poor back door....what is it!  My story begins there and we meet Bad Owner of Sheba, our heroine who is a lady cat -  there are miracles to be had and there he is, at the end, our Jolly Santa tea light.
The joy of Christmas can be enjoyed by all in this special story and we cannot wait to see it in print! We will keep you all posted about it, and if Owner can stop with her nerves - perhaps a whisker too far.  Me?  thanks for asking, and just looking forward to the fame I properly deserve! See you again soon, big Love Wonka X