Tuesday, 13 October 2015

At Last!

We are saved folks!!! Owner got a shout for some work! goodbye poverty stricken us and HALLO to some basics and NO non essentials Owner.  it is no use I am shouting at the wind - she disappeared off yesterdee and came home LADEN with shopping.  and, guess what! NO that is not it.  She tried to hide the new gloves, and new winter tights in with the food. 

At least we had a civilised phone call said Owner yesterdee aft....and thank you Owner's consultant! I love you for keeping Owner in a happy state! (it was smack on tea time.x)

I STILL FOUND THEM..(those luxury items)... but I cannot moan up and spoil her excitement (list) 1.  at coming out of her scrap heap. 2.  at going on a big trip over the water.  3. AND learning a few phrases like:
Guten Morgen. Is that it I goes up, when she told me.  SO FAR IN, she tells me back.  personally I think Howdy folks or CHOW or HI will go a long way.  That plus a winning smile.  Plenty of time to practice that Owner I whispered from well behind the door!

So I can sit back and relaxevous....gingertop may well call round and I need to stare at him through the poor double glazing, but apart from that I can dream on zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

You enjoy your day too and remember to hold tight to your furry dreams!  Big Love Wonka X