Friday, 30 October 2015


Just in time for!!  the dancing, the singing AND Halloween folks.

Not for the dentist minded!! (sorry old dentist and new one!x) Yes, Owner has flung back through the door and been through each room like a hurricane......personally, I couldn't smell anything different AND if I did, it was Bertie.  end of.
She has come back with the cold from hell and is blaming it on her fellow passenger.  he is very unlikely ever to read my poor blog SO, Owner says it is alright to name him and he is called Eric.  she still knows hardly any german beyond bitte and Danke and guten Morgan EXCept  on the last night in the luxury hotel The Schwarzwald, in Gengenbach she asked for a pot of the local jam and they didn't know what the heck 'jam' was and produced a piggy bank (to give Owner credit, she resisted buying it; now wishes she had....)  Finally, she came up with Marmolado and this folks, did the trick.  There will be lots more about this trip PLUS millions of photos, alright one or two.  You try coming back from the trip of a lifetime and not talking about it!!! She will not stop....zzzzzzzzzzzzzx
Back soon and big love, Wonka X