Saturday, 24 October 2015


Guten Morgen and Howdy folks all out there enjoying your weekend.  HOW ARE YOU? you all shout up anxiously.
I have a little cold which Owner reports is costing a large amount of money.  BUT she says, you are worth every last penny Wonka!
YES somehow and against all odds, I have mustered up some sneezing and snuffling.  Owner keeps droning on about sod's law and I have told her off.
It's Wonka's law. end of.

So as long as I get plenty of snoozles in and plenty of food (no diets for you Wonka trills Owner.....until you are recovered!) and my trough is now overflowing with biscuits................ and everyone is at my beck and call and to be fair folks, that is just how it should be.   We must all count our lucky paws and then some. X

YES we are having a breakaway so I can get well soon and Owner can go on her Big Trip.  There is plenty to read while we are gone and you might start with Wonka's Halloween..........

Just go to and use the tag #wonka !

Until we come back at the end of next week folks big Love Wonka X