Thursday, 15 October 2015

Go back to bed day.

I am declaring this a national GO BACK TO BED DAY, whatever that is.  for me, as you know, it is my beloved ZEN box.
OR another of my household nests upstairs!! As Owner remarked only yesterdee, the entire house is your nest Wonka!! x

Rug has also popped back onto his luxury heated pad and is in dreamy land, and The Bubster is snugged up on his pillycase deep within the Narnia cupboard as below:

Just the sound of the gas meter racing round (we are slaves to the heat in this house) to keep him company OH except when I put my head round the door to check on him and world war three starts up.  Why he must hiss like that in my face I just don't know.  AND it makes Owner go funny and blame me??  Why?  Just doing my daily chores going round seeing that everyone is where they should be AND none of those pesky Vikings or Celts (they knock spots off the boatmen, or they did until the pesky Romans sorted them out) are trotting up to the poor back door.  End of.
Now today you may have guessed it but Owner who is still buoyant (WORD UP!!) after her good shout at the lovely Whitby school is continuing on her wave of positive stuff.  She has even got a new phrase for her Big Trip. it is: Guten Tag!!! meaning, I says to her suspiciously (huge word for this time in the day) it means, she says back to me Have a nice day Wonka!! I love it.
There is more news to be had on the Big Trip, on the future of our indoor pool (the one Owner patronises. ooh.) and #Wonkastories. yes.  until tomorrow then, have plenty of zzzzzzz if you can, get all your dreams out and brush the fur on them til they shine!
Big Love Wonka x