Friday, 9 October 2015

Hair gone right....

Bon Chance!  I mean bonjour.....and what's that other well known greeting anywhere in the world?  HOWDY folks..... before I say another word this has already happened:
YES!!!  Owner's hair has gone a beauty colour by accident no less - some would call it trial and error (I can be a trial she droned to me...and now and then I make a mistake.....OH says I) and that coupled with a fab cut means she is in a good mood to stamp on all good moods anywhere. I hold my paw up in amazement.  yes.
IS THIS, she continued on, a portent (blimey) for the rest of the day Wonka??
With Diva story woofing down the wire and with our Christmas Story on the way..............AND a fresh Conversations with Wonka is all GOOD Owner, I said in my usual reassuring way. I admit it is close on tea time, but Folks - I am nothing if not the driving force in this house.  I laid all over Graham's (the wondrous hairdresser) hairdressing bags and sniffed all the hair products and generally made myself useful! And it being Fridee and all, the weekend be like me folks, eat and drink, get plenty of zzzzzzzzs and let your fur down! 
until next time, Big Love Wonka X