Thursday, 8 October 2015

In honour of National Poetry Day!!

We couldn't let this one go by without popping on this poem BY OWNER no less, once more.  For those of you who have seen it, the joy of seeing it again AND if not.....either way it makes us smile and we are simply passing it on..
Ah!!  all this time I have been doing just that - advising, cheering up, chief checker (to the others) on gull watch on that very sill, and constantly waiting for Owner to trudge back from the shops laden YES LADEN with cat concrete I mean litter and food for us.  But she's worth it!  ~The very best Owner I could wish for and you Bertie and you Ruggles.  so it is no wonder she wrote that Ode to Moi, her very bestest ever.
In other news she has tackled the blocked sink again, AND WON OUT!! she thought she had unblocked it the first time but NO.  There was more gruesome sludge lurking..... I knew you could do it Owner, I said as she finally rammed the pipe back in and fell exhausted to the kitchen floor.  I did ask whether it was elevenses yet but she didn't hear me above running some water down said pipe to test it.  THANK YOU GOD OF Blocked PIPES she cried.
I leave you with this charming image, of Owner and the now, good sink, until next time - Big Love Wonka X