Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Keeping going.

Owner has reported news of a good and faithful hound dog off up to heaven.  His name folks was Peanut.  As you know, Owner knows a bit about heaven as we have a parcel of friends already there.  Sam is there, WOOF, Kimmy dog is there smaller woof and of course angel dog Diva is there: plenty of excitable barkings and jumping up and downs. Not to mention all the beloved cats BUT hankies away folks because, as Owner keeps droning on to me, they are still here and still in our dreams.
And, she droned up, if you are lucky, you will catch sight of your beloved pals like a wisp of a happy dream! And if it is good and wise Golly cat who loved me most of all, then I don't mind if I do. And here he is for those of you who have never, ever, seen Golly cat. Sent from heaven in the first place to look after Owner before me.
What is that you all gasp up, Golly is cuddling up to?  You must know, that one of Diva's best friends, was indeed Gollycat, who met up with Diva later on in her little girlie life.  and those teddies next to Golly, were Diva's best teds which Owner still has (more hankies away!) and here they are!!
They are her old teds from when she was a tiny scrap and we love her. end of. x
So the message from me and Owner today is: when you have to say goodbye to your pals, be sure to keep an eye out, in your dreams or not, they love us still - I rest my paws! OH look at the time, I'm due a snack, a check on Bertie Bubb and then some more zzzzzzzzzzz.  
(and maybe a paw under the door with Rug.)
Until next time,  Big Love Wonka X