Friday, 23 October 2015

Nerves a GOGO

Halloa folks on this FAT Fridee.....No I haven't lost any weight as yet and already nerves are frazzled.  No sooner has my trough appeared with 50% less biscuits in it, than it is whiskered away.  Just because the nice Vet man said to leave it for half and hour and then take it away..................There is no need Owner, I admonished (word up!) to stick so tight to what he said.  OH YES THERE IS Wonka she tells me up, if you are to get in shape.  personally I think my fur coat is just the right size.

Now this, is what is happening in our house:

Owner has been non stop busy with the Big Trip until ALL our nerves are shredded.  I only have to look downcast before Owner is on a fresh worry wart jive.  Bertie is as happy as larry AND has finally gone in his igloo.  It's a funny pyramid shaped thing that is all dark and cosy inside and I never wanted one until now. OH YOU DO LOOK FUNNY Bertie bubb trills Owner when his head is sticking out.  Yes.  And Rugglestop is in out in out, on his luxury heated pad and off it and so on.  The only one who is NOT relaxed Owner is you, I did point out from well behind the kitchen door.

I am sure all will be fine the second she goes out the good front door and my Aunty steps through it. Plus, I am still sneezing a tiny bit which has wracked up the nerves even higher. BACK TO THE VET with you, Owner cried the minute I snuffled up. OH I goes back looking the picture of health.  How I have caught anything in this delux home I cannot say - and, on the eve of Owner's Big Trip. It could only happen to me, she moaned up. I know how to get attention!! Now I must dash as I have to wash and brush up before I see that nice Vet again - who knows where he will be looking!
Ariverdeci! (or something close to it) CHOW and back soon
Big Love Wonka X