Sunday, 18 October 2015

News of the Wotsit Plant!

Guten Morgen! ALO! how's your father etc.  Now our faithful few may recall tales of this plant a few months, or even years ago.  HERE IS OUR UPDATE:

 There we are!!  And Owner has been saying things like:
'OH WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?' and 'HOWCOME THAT WOTSIT PLANT isn't growing big and strong??' (the hidden message folks is that somehow I, YES MOI, am to blame for this misshapen and sparse green thing albeit (bracket in a bracket! but what a word!) still growing plant.) end of.  and end of brackets too.
Then, Owner started on about the Rise and Fall of the Wotsit Plant. Can I help it folks, if, in search of some greens to supplement my diet, I have a weensy miniscule nibble on those tempting fronds? eh? EH?
'It isn't as if Wonka' Owner droned on to me, 'That you don't have a hearty supply of INDOOR Biscuits.'  But, as I whispered up from that dark corner in the good living room, shielded by the new and only partially scratched settee (just one of my luxury nests) - it is not the same as fresh greens Owner!!

Like all else in this World of Owner's it has been rescued - the remaining frond, and is resting up in some nice water OUT OF YOUR REACH Wonka! she goes up to me. Yes.
so folks - that is our best Sundee news round up BUT there will be more in the week to come THE BIG build up to Owner's trip AND news of our fave Gleb in the Strictly. Until then, you have my purrmission to rest up, get some zzzzzzzzs and trough away on this day of resting up.  And no one NO ONE knows better about resting up except me.  and Bertie Bubb X, and Ruggles. X
Til later, Big Love Wonka X