Monday, 5 October 2015


Halloa!! Good day!! Howdy folks on this rain soaked and uninspiring Mundee. Owner has droned on (and on SORRY!) about being on the scrap heap and so on (and on, more SORRY!) and has joined every known agency to mankind flinging herself at them with cvs and certificates and references and all her dark secrets (agencies must know everything now YES even when they are rejecting you. I know) - which means practically from when she was born and fell out with her first friend at school., and took a pen home.  BUT the other thing they all demand is endless identification so they know, and all the schools know (the ones who don't want Owner) that you are you. Beyond any doubt.

After Owner had droned to me about all the ways of proving this. (I did say, who in their right mind Owner, would pretend to be you? but she didn't hear me above the droning) - I HAVEN'T got the inclination she goes to me, to pretend to be anyone else! I LIKE being me....and your point is? I said up in that new and ultra annoying way...... after all the proving and the bills and your bank details (no wonder no one wants Owner after seeing them.........) they all want a photo!!  Days later folks, she comes up with one that looks vaguely like her, on a good day, out of the glare of any natural light.  I LOVE IT, I goes (smack on tea time) PICK that one! ..... I MUST, she says to me, look glamorous, even if they are rejecting me.  AGREED I goes up, with scratches on!! But wait, what about me!!

For our humble cartoon collaboration we have a series of SELFIES that defy Owner's millions of attempts and begin with me.  I look gorgeous all the time, under any lighting - and NO I am not available for any zero hours.  End of:  Tomorrow, either Ruggles or Bertie bubb will be on show.....Until then Big Love Wonka X