Monday, 12 October 2015

Start the week right!

And the only way to get the better of Mundee is to have a big smile on your face folks!

There are the #Duffle stories (Eastertime ones)
There's all the ones about Owner and me........(conversations, and Baba too, Just Wonka and more....)
And then there's Halloween coming up, BUT #Diva is barking away to be noticed too.
As you folks all know, there are now three instalments to the story of Diva, and like all our stories are free to read on
And blow me down the stairs and back up again, if she hasn't started a new story.  Without any prodding or dabbing my paw at her!! exciting or what.  Now I must dash as I need to check on the others and the level of biscuits in my trough. I wish all you folks out there a blissful week of it, and those dusty old dreams must come out of the cupboard or wherever you keep them and given a good wash round! Big Love Wonka X