Friday, 16 October 2015

Swimming Fridee

Owner came back from her weekly dip last Sundee with this startling news. POURQUOI? or POR QUE or just simply what the heck!  the other burning question is why haven't you reported this up before now eh? EH??

There was other stuff to talk about good folks, like scrap heaps and big trips and zzzzzzz and wotnot.

Owner was about to enjoy her swim when (sound of klaxon, roll on drums and so forth) she spoke to an attendant.  YES we know this is unheard of and usually Owner ignores every attempt to smile, be nice, talk, be friendly when she is at the pool.  For some reason, last Sundee she engaged with a pool attendant, saying things like. (quote). ' You don't have a bell at reception anymore to let you know there are people waiting.....'
the answer to the missing bell folks is that it is no longer needed as there is a receptionist there all the time! except when there isn't!!!
OH, goes Owner - then she says - 'what other changes may we expect since the take over.......'
And the reply was: just our uniforms (a striking orange) and the pool will close in two years or less and probably become a car park.
OH says Owner again.  I mean , it really spoilt her swim.  Where else Wonka, she droned to me when she flung back into the house, where else can I swim (and be rude...NO, only joking!) and see such fine views from the pool???

We don't like change in this house folks.end of.

BUT, Owner has checked out her posh hotel for the Big Trip, and it does boast a pool. I intend to swim in it, she warned me.  I did beg her not to be rude in any language to the other swimmers but she didn't hear me about making another TO-DO list for it all.  personally I am looking forward to a well earned rest myself!!! sorry Owner!! now time indeed for some nibbles from the trough and maybe a little zzzzzzzz to refresh!
Due to it being Fridee, I beg you all to straighten your paws, twitch those tails, and dream BIG.  til next time.  Big Love Wonka X