Saturday, 10 October 2015

The Big Trip out.

PSSSSST. did I tell you about Owner's big adventure? No?
She is only going across the water.  and then to a big hotel.  and then sight seeing.  Where is it ?You all shout up as one.
Strasbourg she tells me up.  But where is that exactly Owner I quizzed her (good use of word).  and to help me out, she has drawn a rough guide................... Do you know any German whatsoever I continued on.  NOT ONE WORD Wonka.  OH.
OOOHH! it nearly but not quite distracted me from the other question which is BUT WHAT ABOUT ME I mean us?? of course Owner has it covered, and my best Aunty is to spoil me, I mean us, all day long..... I did say to Owner, her map looks like that film: trains and boats and planes but she tells me up. NO TRAINS Wonka. (or Steve thingy and we can't have wondrous John Candy because he is in Film Heaven) We will be whisked off in a coach!  goodness, and I have already requested a postcard. Yes.
Just thinking about it all has worn me out folks! Never fear, I will be saying to the others, Bertie Bubb and Ruggles, for Wonka is here! or should I say ICI mon amigos!
More later folks..... and until then, Big Love Wonka X