Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Final Instalment of Diva is here! Woof!!

Hurrah today, all that pestering Owner to get a move on has worked!  I HAVE UPLOADED it Wonka she drones to me this good morn - well I goes, that's a good morning's work ! (unblocking the sink, finding a poem all about me AND popping the story of Diva part three on...)

Here is the little angel dog.............
There we are!! We love her we do....and to start at the very beginning you must follow this link:
from there you can choose to read part two and part three as well!
it is the 20th in the #wonkastories series and WE LOVE IT!!!
More news soon about the Christmas Story to be published in a proper book!!!  Until then, arrivederci, a bientot, adios and cheers folks big love Wonka X