Saturday, 17 October 2015

The Glitter and the Glam

On Satdees, it is all about the dancing in this house.  OOOH she goes, it is time for STRICTLY!!! we have been slaves to this show for years on end and always have faves.  WHO? you quiz up, are your faves this year................. and Owner will tell you it is Anita and Gleb.  That's a funny name! You all shout up at me! YES it is.
His full name is Gleb Savchenko, and he is from Russia (with love).  We are nothing (de rien) but cosmopolitan on this blog (I did say to Owner is that an icecream but she said NO Wonka, that is neopolitan. OH I says back).
Last week Gleb did a funny leaping dance that some people weren't keen on AND Uncle Len (head judgey) Definitely wasn't in favour of.  I LOVED IT Wonka ! shouts Owner.  so end of.  Now Anita Rami or Rumi or something very like that, she is beauty too and our money is on those two.  My fave??  I do like a bit of Anton, and Pasha.  And Tristan.  For some reason, Owner has taken against Jay and Aliona EVEN THOUGH they got top marks and everyone loves them.  I am not keen Wonka, she tells me up.  and when, folks, Owner is not keen, we need to all sit up and brush our fur down!!!
Now I expect you all, in your fab countries, sur la monde!!!! have your fave dancers and fave Satdee nights.  do enjoy! and keep scratching!!!! OH I mean dancing....   Big Love Wonka X and Paka, a bientot! see you all soon.