Monday, 19 October 2015

The loneliness of the Cone.

ALO, bon chance! top of the morning and blow me down the bottom of the yard and back.  YES it's Mundee again.  And what a beauty weekend we had here.  wall to wall dancing and singing in this house.  Beloved Gleb from Rusky Russia is saved for week 5 in Strictly with his glam partner Anita from here.
WHO WENT OUT you all shriek at me.  it was Dan the man from Irish land despite, having Kristina for a partner who is like a Hollywood film star.(x).  Jezzer Vine who Owner cannot abide on the lunchtime show, has somehow appealed to her with his scarecrow dancing. 
THERE IS SOMETHING STRANGELY likeable, she says up to me, and folks out there, I nearly choked on my biscuit!!
We moved straight from this to the frenzy and shouting of the six chair challenge.  I did ask Owner why we were watching this childish game disguised as a singing contest, but she didn't hear me above shouting at the telly.  Personally, I cannot wait for Judges Mouses which is next week.

In other news, the cone is back:
Just one cone, guarding the drain which is smack outside our front. It held up very well, what with the traffic rushing towards it and not wanting to stop in the race to get to the end of the street, where a little (temporary Owner droned to me) set of traffic lights is mostly on red.  WHY, she moans up to me, ARE THEY SPEEDING when they will have to stop?? You may as well ask why are humans so stupid I replied, but she was too busy watching the poor cone.  to be fair, it has taken a fair bit of my time up too.  The last we saw of it, it had trotted off up the street and onto the safety of the pavement.  With a bit of a dent in its side.  Sorry cone! x
Now what with it being Mundee and a fresh week to overpower us, Owner is surprisingly upbeat.  I put this down to pending (like it) holidees. end of.  she is still half in and half out of the scrap heap BUT like I always say, these things ruffle up our fur for a reason Owner.  THANKS Wonka she says, smiling away and if she is happy, me, Bertie bubb and Rugglesis are too. Til next time Big Love Wonka X