Wednesday, 7 October 2015

To round it off

Yes folks, and to round it all off on the Selfie malarkey is our resident stray Rugglesis!!

He is the perfect poser he always looks appealing and lovable and ANGELIC and he hissed at me this morning so I don't like him anymore....OH alright then, I might play a game and look at him from a distance.  Owner says we might get on 'one day'.  Yes.
In other news, Owner is revving up to popping the last part of #Diva on I did say can you hurry up then but I did whisper it from behind the door and she may not have heard me. 
I have been busy as per, checking the yard for intruders be they Vikings or Celts - I am adding them to the list because we watched a programme all about them (pesky Celts) and they seemed dangerous in the extreme in between knocking out jewellery (big word but managed it).  PLUS they prefer to trot around rather than wash up in their long boats.  Who knows, but Ruggles might see them first seeing as he is out back for brief spells.  Now I must get on and so must you - maybe you are scratching your way to success or pawing at the door of opportunity!  Until next time big Love Wonka X