Thursday, 5 November 2015

Back to Earth - Remember Remember!

How are you folks out there all battling on with it?  Struggling to make it to Fridee perhaps? Me? thanks for asking!! as right as rain, and that cold thing I had, with the expensive injections and wotnot.....worth every last little penny.  YES Ruggles is still coming out with the odd sneeze and WOOOOSHOOOO but Owner is holding out for if he falls REALLY ILL. and when, I goes up, will you know Owner?
'When he stops eating for England and refuses point blank to get up and do anything,' She says to me.
'OH.' I says back.
Owner still has cold Eric and is wondering if it will ever be gone.

There she is!!! in the grip of it. Personally I see it as an excuse to (list) 1.  lay in bed for a long long time 2. not go out when you finally get up. 3.  read all day long when you are awake. 4 and/or (like it) watch loads of stuff on catch up 5. have naps.
I will say this for Owner though, however ill she is, she still makes time to feed me my 50% of former catfood, tell Bertie he is not to be afraid to come out of the Narnia cupboard and monitor Rugglesis cold. X
Now do have a fab day yo'all!!! Remember it is the dread firework day which NONE OF US animals like.  I have my AmaZEN box and you might want to copy this.  That plus some repetitive music droning in the background.....I have Owner for that! (sorry Owner! only joking!)  Be safe and big Love Wonka X