Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Be Creative Tuesdee

Howdy folks out there on what is, according to Owner YET ANOTHER DARK AND DINGY DAY WONKA.
Personally, I am too happy and snug in my AmaZEN box to notice. x

In other more exciting news, Owner' trip out to visit daughter and grandson went well.  My distant relations, Peggy (NOT Peggy sue) and Luke (NOT cool hand) were alright and so was Tess (dog. I know)' Luke likes to sit atop things - rather like us lot here, and here is an ancient sketch by Owner who has time for all of this:

There he is! Owner says she has a new one, but this is our fave. X 
When she rolled back home yesterdee and parked up,  (Yes, I watched it all from the safety of the bay window and to the best of, she did not curse anyone. No.x) she says she is shattered.  How come I ask up?  All you have done is drive for a few hours, go out to lunch and be civil and wotnot, then rushed back to see to us..... I admit I whispered all of that from my dark corner as it was smack on tea time.  TOMORROW she droned to me, which is now TODAY folks, 'I am going to be creative!'
Is she not working and still burrowed deep in the scrap heap? you all enquire nicely.YES that is true, not one of the three good agencies offering a day's slavery I mean work, have rung her up.  End of.  BUT, the upside is, she can get cracking on our new story.  It is an Egyptian Tale, and she is hard at it, writing and sketching things, with my supervision you understand. x
My advice is to all of you out there, wondering what to do with your Tuesdee, is instead of zzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH! or laying around washing your fur and scratching your nest stroke settee - is to BE CREATIVE.  Like me and Owner. x  Until next time, big Love Wonka X