Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Castles in the Air

Where? you all quiz up is there such a castle?
IN HEIDELBERG shouts Owner........

I blame it all on the cold, cold Eric that is, that made Owner a bit sniffy about the castle.  It was alright Wonka, she tells me, but I think I was all castled out.  (sorry castle!!!!).  She went up another little funicular to get to it AND there was an ancient pharmacy AND some gardens planted up by Elizabeth Stuart whose dad was James 1 of jolly England and James the something else of Scotland. Yes.
Personally folks, I'm making it my fave.x
Now even though it is chill grey and mournful looking day out side, I am very cheery.  I did have a minute scrappette with Bertie smack on bedtime last night, making Owner shriek down to me WONKA! but we all settled down alright, and I promised not to do it again (until next time.x)
So, have a giant breakfast in case your next meal doesn't turn up as planned, and YES Owner is monitoring my troughs of biscuits and NO I haven't lost any weight as yet. And, I can always pinch some of Berties. Love you Bertie!! Ruggles has been sneezing and Owner has warned him against having anything.  As you know it is impossible to get Ruggles anywhere near a cat carrier (unlike me, I walked in.  so does Bertie bubb) as he thinks it is a missile destroyer.  End of.
Til next time, be on your whiskers!! Big Love Wonka X